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Style. Everyday Bracelets!

Let’s start the first post with style!

I’m a bracelet girl. But instead of those gold/silver/diamond ones, I prefer the earthy ones: Bohemian style! I change my style occasionally and adjust it according to the events I’m going. But for my daily activities, I choose these five ones.

I have quite a lot of these bracelets. Some with wooden beads, some are braided threads, while some are combinations of the two. Ooh, and I have some with charms too! Love them all for obvious reasons:

  1. They can be worn on a daily basis
  2. They are adjustable! Important!
  3. They look cool
  4. They bring out the ethnic character in you
  5. They can be worn altogether at the same time
  6. They come in many colours, not just earthy tones, sizes, and forms
  7. They look great on a beach and/or a trip
  8. They are very inexpensive! Really!

To be honest, most of those bracelets of mine are gifts. Gifts from my friends and family from around the world. I’ve got ones from my own country, Indonesia, which my mom got from Jogjakarta and Bali; and I’ve also got ones from Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. So, for me, wearing them feel like wearing diversity!


My advice to you, if you want to wear these kind of bracelets, find the ones that really matches your personality. Don’t buy ones that are not compatible to your style! Believe me when I say they come in various colours and sizes and forms! And if you cannot wear a lot, wearing one is enough to show your character. So, don’t be afraid to try before you actually wear it!

Till next post!




3 thoughts on “Style. Everyday Bracelets!

  1. Bracelets are a great everyday accessory. I really like the earthy look as well. Are you familiar with Rastaclats? They have some nice everyday bracelets. Really enjoyed the post.

    Check out our blog: His & Hers Daily Grind!




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