Roxx Life

First Greetings!


Today I’m starting a new blog. It’s going to be a blog where I share with you some of my favourite lifestyle choices and some of my leasts. It’s not going to be just fashion, but it’ll cover a lot of stuff that I consider worthy enough to share like music, food, DIYs, books, cultures, places, and probably many, many more. I know it’s kinda cliche but I hope you’ll like it! 😉

Also, in this blog, I’ll share with you the trials and errors of my attempt on becoming an eco-friendly person. Tips and tricks and all that stuff relating to green living, I’ll share them in a series of posts. This way, I can try and inspire you to do the same! If you’d like, of course. No pressure!

Anyway, I hope you support my blog and leave me comments on each post (or one), so I can bring you lots of new things that will inspire your own lifestyle!

A little warning: I’m a bit eclectic and magical a.k.a weird, so expect me to do something out of the norms. Not entirely, for sure! Besides, a little warning won’t hurt anyone, right? ;))

Without further ado, let’s start this blog! See ya on my next post!




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