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Style. Favourite Lounging Style!

I did told you, right, that my style’s a bit hobo? Well, here’s my favourite lounging fashion whenever I feel like dressing in comfort and style at the same time!

Batik pants, white teeA white tee paired with one very comfortable Batik pants! And of course, this fashion style requires some good bracelets, as you can see! ;))

Since this style is very much comfortable, I usually wear this on my way home from my workplace, at night mostly; or whenever I go to some of the familiar places where the people I visit don’t really care much about dressing up, such as my cousins’ place or my best friends’. Cause with this kind of style, I usually wear a pair of my trusty flip-flops. But if you ask me whether I would go to shopping malls or supermarkets in this or not, I would definitely say, “Why not!?”

Here’s the list of what I’m wearing in the pic:

  • Loose white t shirt, from Zara TRF
  • Batik lounge pants, from Kencana Ungu Batik (it originally came in a set with the top, like pyjama, but I kinda use them both separately since the pattern would look awesome in many combination)
  • Assorted bracelets

Not many people can pull this off without looking like a bum or a complete hobo though. However, if you don’t really care what other people think and you only for comfort, this style is definitely for you! Hoho! I totally recommend this style cause you can never go wrong with this! You can wear it on a daily basis and you can wear it to sleep! Cool, huh!?

Though, if you want to look cooler, you can change the white tee into a black one and find a more sophisticated patterns for the pants, monochromatic colour would be best or those tribal ones. I’ll post this style next time.

Should you want to try this look, here are the links you can check out (definitely NOT sponsored!).

  1. White tees
  2. Batik pants
    • Batik set from Kencana Ungu >> similar to the one I bought and wore! They have a lot of patterns though.

Alright! That’s it for today’s post! See you on the next one!




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