Roxx Style

Style. Saturday Excursion Style

After a week full of work, I decided to take a short break earlier today. Though I was contemplating at first whether or not I should go out since the day was a little too hot. However, I’m glad I did decide to go out anyway. I got the chance to watch Furious 7 at the cinema, all by myself, accompanied with a box of popcorn and a cup of iced lemon tea. I won’t review the movie here since it is always preferential with movies, but I did enjoy it very much. And I gotta say, I love going to the cinema by myself! No need for conversation during the movie and I get to enjoy a box of popcorn without having to share! Greedy me! ;)) So, this is what I decided to wear earlier.

Saturday Excursion

I’m wearing:

  • Tribal-patterned cardigan, Giordano
  • White tee, Uniqlo
  • White trousers, H&M
  • White slip-ons, Dr. Kevin

I wouldn’t know how to classify this style is, but I love how it looked and I intend to wear this style again next time, though with different cardigan probably. Oh, you might ask why I wore this heavy cardigan in the hot weather, right? Well, the answer is because I was going to a cinema in a shopping mall where it was chilly and it saved me from shaking because of the cold. I get cold hands and feet easily so… yeah. And I drove there too, so triple the AC! Brrrr…

Well, what do you think of my excursion style this Saturday? Let me know what you think. If you like it, please let me know by liking this post! It would much appreciated! ;)) Till next post! Ciao, ddneroxx


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