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Style. Wardrobe Revamp! First Attempt…

At the beginning of 2015, I wanted to ‘revamp’ my outdated wardrobe so I made a list to clothes and fashion items that I want to buy this year. However, I may, or may not, have bought things that are not on that list. ;P

Well, to tell you a little, I’m very picky with clothes. I have sensitive skin so I cannot wear a lot of clothing materials other than cotton, soft polyester, acrylic, soft rayon, bamboo, and some other soft materials. I cannot even wear silk! For some reason, although it is considered soft, for me it is not breathable. It’s fine when it’s in the form of scarf or body wraps, but not clothing. Anyway, since I’m very particular with materials and style, the ones I choose usually ended up being casual or too casual. But this time, I’ve decided to break out of that habit of mine and start picking out new style of clothing.

During my recent work breaks, I’ve gone to several shops and found a few items that I think were quite necessary for my wardrobe. Still in the casual department, but there are one or two items that were not my usual pick. (Hint: I’m a tomboy!)

First stop: Stradivarius


Picked out a sleeveless blouse in white for IDR 179,900 (or approx. $13-$14) and a mini skirt in blue flowery pattern for IDR 199,900 ($14-$15) which was on SALE from IDR 329,900 ($24-$25).

Never thought I’d buy that skirt if this year was still the year 2008. I’ve changed quite a lot, huh? I just thought it would be nice to have a stylish looking skirt when necessary, though still a little quirky. Just saying. 😉

Next stop: Bershka

I didn’t exactly get any interesting pieces so to speak. I just needed them and apparently Bershka had them on sale so…


A white tank top at IDR 79,900 ($5.5-$6)


Set of 3 belts in three colours: camel, camel with aztec print, and white-green combo, at IDR 119,900 ($8.5-$9).

I love the belts. Bought it because of the camel one, but eventually the aztec and white-green became my favourites as well so…

Last stop: Cotton On

To be honest, I didn’t actually plan on buying anything here, since the prices in the Jakarta outlets are crazy! The great mark ups! But, somehow, I ended up with 4 things when I got out of the store. Hmmm..


WV Jeri Boyfriend Style Shirt in Moses Stripe colour (obviously black and white!). From IDR 369,900 ($27-$28) to just IDR 90,000 ($6-$7).


Boxy Lounge Tee in White colour. From IDR 199,900 ($14-$15) to just IDR 60,000 ($4-$5).


Sunglasses. 2 for IDR 200,000 ($14-$15). 1 for IDR 150,000 ($11-$12).

Ridiculous, I know! So, I bought 2, of course!

I love them all! I can’t wait to wear them, especially the sunglasses! But, judging from what I bought, I still need to find other-than-casual clothing to really ‘revamp’ my current wardrobe. Got to find more affordable shop then, with good-quality material and intriguing styles!

Guess that’s it for today’s haul post. I’m sure I’ll do another haul post again soon enough so till next time!

Hope you enjoy my post!




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