Pescatarian Life

Pescetarian Life. 1-Year Anniversary!

This April 2015 marked the 1-year anniversary of me being a pescetarian. Yay!

I know it hasn’t been that long since I’ve decided to become a pescetarian but I just never thought that I’d be really content with this decision. The first three months were the hardest. Back then, I was constantly trying to explain to everyone (by everyone, I mean, my entire family!) that I decided to become a pescetarian, meaning I won’t eat land meat anymore. Also, I was constantly doubting myself whether I could continue with this lifestyle or not every single day.

But, after those gruelling three months, I was very much in love with my decision! Haha! I just couldn’t believe the changes it made to my body. I feel great! I used to have that bloated stomach whenever I ate chicken or beef, or when I ate too much food. Now? Not anymore! My stomach feels so much lighter and cleaner!

Another great thing about it is that my skin became so much better. I have a very oily skin so acne has been the biggest problem for my face, but now I only get acne breakouts during that time of the month; or if I’m sick; and/or if my pillow sham is dirty. Also, I used to experience hotness on my face after I ate meat, now I don’t have that problem anymore.

Although my title is pescetarian, meaning I eat fish and seafood, I don’t actually eat them everyday. Most days I opted for more vegetables and beans and nuts in my diet. I find eating veggies more relaxing and calming and healthier for me. I have a great bowel movements and my temperament has gone down significantly. You should see me before last year.. Really! I feel calmer and more patient than ever now. So grateful!

I hope I can continue this lifestyle until my dying day, though I’m currently thinking of becoming a vegetarian instead. But, I still think I need the protein from the fish, as well as the omega 3, 6, 9 etc. since I skip eating supplements. At least for now.

Let’s see how I’ll do next year then. ;))

See you next time!




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