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Food Trip. Hong Tang

I am a dessert lover. And since I live in a hot city, iced desserts are always the best!

These days, in Jakarta, Taiwanese desserts have been dominating the scene. If you like to hang out in shopping malls, you should find a lot of dessert shops there such as Hong Tang, Black Ball, etc.

A few Sundays ago, me and two of my best friends were suddenly craving for a good dessert after dinner. Before that, let me tell you something about us girls: we are the type of people who like to eat full meal at one place and enjoy desserts at another, so this scene was after we ate all of those rich, lovely food at Fish & Co. Hihi.. It was already quite late at night, around 8 PM or so, but we still wanted to hang out and talk some more. So, while in Central Park Mall, we decided to pick Hong Tang as our dessert destination.

At first, I argued a little before making decision. The reason was because I like Black Ball’s grass jelly better than Hong Tang’s. Why? Black Ball’s ones are lighter, softer and smooth, while Hong Tang’s ones are thicker, though still soft and smooth. But, since one of my friends never tried Hong Tang, I willingly put aside my argument and went along with their decision.

There were quite a lot of options to choose from but basically the menu was circling around the grass jelly, since it is one of their signature dessert choices. While looking at the menu, we discovered that Hong Tang has durian as one of their dessert series! We were a bit skeptical at first whether it was durian smell that we smelled or not when we first came inside the shop, but apparently they had it on the menu! So, we decided to order two kinds:

Hongtang 1

This one was the Grass Jelly dessert with matcha ice cream, Q balls, tapioca pearls, and additional taro paste. I have tasted this kind before so it was so-so for me. I did enjoyed this but I still love Black Ball’s ones better. It’s always preferential, people, when it comes to taste.

However, I couldn’t say the same with our second order!

hongtang 2

The Durian delight!! It is such a pity if you don’t like the smell and taste of durian. But I understand that some people don’t enjoy durian as much as me and my friends do. So, we got this durian dessert with grass jelly, Q balls, and red beans, and oh man, how we loved this very, very much!! The durian paste was so good, I could eat the whole thing by myself! The rest of the stuff in it were just so-so, but the durian made everything better. Trust me when I say that this was a great choice! I would order it again next time I go there! Like, really!

But the thing is, I really don’t care where I go desserting as long as me and my friends are having a good time while in the place. It is true that friendships make everything better! So choose your friends wisely and your desserts too! 😉

Well, happy desserting!



Price. IDR 25K – 50K per bowl

Place. Hong Tang. Central Park Kav.28, Lt. Tribeca TUG – 03, Jl. Let.Jend S.Parman, Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta 11470, Indonesia. Tel. +62 21 56988888

Photography. ddneroxx


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