Decor. Bedroom Revamp: Old Mattress Upgrade!

Well, it has been a hectic month and I barely had the energy to write. Until now.

Let’s start June with a Decor. tips from me!

If you didn’t know by now, I am an interior designer (with a slight procrastination personality and slacking-is-fun attitude!). So, if I post decor tips later on, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Okay. I said it!

Moving on…

Long story short, I’m currently living in a ‘borrowed’ space where I couldn’t do much about the place as much as I wanted to. Also, my budget was kinda so and so, so I decided to decor my ‘borrowed’ bedroom with little things I got along the way. Starting with the mattress…

The place that I’m in right now has an old mattress and it was getting really uncomfortable. I didn’t want to buy a new mattress since all the ones I like are ridiculously expensive! So, I opted for a cheaper alternative yet brilliant, yet amazingly made the old mattress feel like new again! Introducing the mattress topper! Yeay!


I got this mattress topper, with a 5cm thickness and micro gel fillings, from Mojokoe Bedding! Mojokoe Bedding is a local fashion bedding online shop here in Jakarta, Indonesia, that custom makes various bedding stuff from bed sheets, pillow and bolster shams, bed covers, mattress cover, fibre beds and many more. You can choose patterns and type of fabrics that you like for your bedding needs there. However, the mattress topper is a RARE item! They only make it once in a while and once they do, make sure to grab them FAST!! And I did! And it was so worth the money!! Not kidding!! 😉


The mattress topper they offer has two types: one, my pick, is with corner bands, and two is with fitted side skirt that fully covers your whole mattress. If you want to know more about it, their descriptions about those toppers really described everything you need to know. Once you put them on top of your mattress, BOOOOOOMMM, you’ll feel like you’re on a cloud! A bit exaggeration but that’s how I felt the first time and the nights after!


After I ordered the topper via Facebook, I finally got the item four or five days later since I ordered it before the weekends. When I first got the package, it was smaller than I thought because they vacuumed the entire topper to fit into that small package. The package also contained a nice storage bag for the topper in case you want to bring it with you on a holiday or just for storage. It was a pain to open the package at first but when I finally got to the end of my unwrapping, it was… WOW! I couldn’t wait to try it on right away!


Thanks to the mattress topper from Mojokoe Bedding, I can now go to sleep comfortably and make my bed look nicer than before!


That’s how my bed looks like.

Overall, this upgrade only costed me a fraction amount than me getting a new mattress. Of course, it doesn’t feel the same as getting a new mattress, but if you’re in a budget and living in a ‘borrowed’ space like me, this is DEFINITELY the BEST alternative with great result!

Also, to make your bed looks nice, just invest on really good quality bed sets. Do not be afraid on spending money on these bad boys! Because you need sleep everyday and the last thing you need is a bad quality sleep, which is partly caused by uncomfortable mattress and bed sets. If you think that good quality bed sets are hard to find, then I suggest you think again because I got mine ALL for bargained prices! Try your local department stores, people! Here like Sogo, Metro, Debenhams, and/or Star Department Store. Go there while they’re having SALE! You can get all the good stuff for just fraction of what the normal prices are. OR, you can search online, like Mojokoe Bedding. OR, now, we have IKEA here in Jakarta so go there! If you’re an Ikea fan then you’d probably notice that most of my beddings come from Ikea. Hihi..

I guess that’s a tip for you for now. Please remember that a good night sleep means you’ll have a good, energetic day the next day! So, vamped up your bed and sleep in ‘affordable’ luxury! I bet you won’t regret it!

Till next post!



PS: This is not a sponsored post! Just sharing! Meaning, I care! Have a lovely day! ;))


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