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Pescetarian Life. TIPS. Fast Food Fiesta – BURGERS! Part One

Growing up in Jakarta, I have tried quite a lot of fast food joints such as McDonald’s, KFC, A&W, Wendy’s, Burger King and many more. Back then, I used to eat various types of burger and my favourites would be the BK Singles Mushroom Swiss from Burger King and the Mozza Burger from A&W. Both were delicious!

However, since becoming pescetarian, I have deliberately and naturally stayed away from those fast food joints simply because of all the beef and chicken. Then I remembered that some of those joints do have fish burger like McDonald’s famous Fillet-O-Fish. BUT! Recently I found out that McDonald’s here in Jakarta DO NOT offer the Fillet-O-Fish anymore!

I was quite sad about it for a while since I wanted to eat a burger that day and couldn’t.

THEN, after some ‘coincidental’ visits to several fast food joints here, I found out several places that all pescetarians in Jakarta can enjoy! So here is my list:

1. A&W

Burger(s): Veggie Burger

aw veggie burger

Experience: I tried the veggie burger and I loved it! The taste was so amazing and it made me realise how much I don’t crave meat (beef and chicken) anymore! Definitely should try this, people! ;)) Fish burger next!

2. Lotteria

Burger(s): Shrimp Burger

Harga Menu Lotteria, Tempat Dimana Pecinta K-Pop Berada,

Experience: It was okay. Delicious but I don’t know. There was nothing special about this burger. But I would eat it again though, just because it was made out of shrimp. 😛

3. McDonald’s

Burger(s): Egg McMuffin

Egg McMuffin

Experience: I’ve always loved McDonald’s breakfast menu so at the time, I went to McD and ordered their Egg McMuffin with special instruction: “Please separate the meat from the muffin.” And they did! Since it was only a slice of processed smoked chicken, it was easy enough, I think. Aside from their Big Mac and Cheeseburger, which were my favourites back in the day, the McMuffin series is one of their best creations. So when I got to eat it, it was so nostalgic! Hahaha.. at least, for me.

There you go, three different burgers from three different joints that I’ve tried recently. I was told that Burger King does have the Veggie Burger and the Fish Burger, but I haven’t got the chance to check it out myself. So, it’ll be next time! When cravings for burger are too insatiable to subdue.. Haha..

I guess that’s it from me this time. See you in another post!




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