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Food Trip. IKEA Alam Sutera

I’ve been a fan of IKEA’s food for such a long time, even way before I became pescetarian. Oh, the days I used to eat everything and fell in love with their Swedish Meatballs!

Anyway, since IKEA decided to open here in Jakarta recently (I used to eat in IKEA Singapore..), I too decided to go there.

Right before you go up the escalator, they have this standing display that shows some of the food they offer in the restaurant or cafe or whatever they call their food section. Of course they have the Swedish meatballs, but I think it’s the halal version since they want to approach wider consumer with their food, and for sure I couldn’t eat those meatballs now. So, my gaze went upon the Swedish Poached Salmon. My mind went AHA!

Without further ado, I climbed up those escalator stairs and went straight to the restaurant section.

And while I was in line choosing the food, I found more food that I could eat! I grabbed the chocolate tart and the cool-looking smoked salmon. I’ve never been a fan of smoked salmon since they tend to taste fishy than the raw one. But like I said, it was cool looking so I had to grab that. And then, I asked for the poached salmon.

Got my food, paid them, and went straight to the seating area.

Like an elegant person in an elegant restaurant, I took my meal in order. First up was the smoked salmon.

I couldn’t even believe it myself. The smoked salmon tasted so fresh and yummy. They didn’t taste fishy at all! The cut was also thicker than the usual smoked salmon elsewhere. They were so satisfying and cool in your mouth (I took it out of the fridge display). With combination of arugula and lettuce as well as the creamy white dressing (forgot what it was, sorry!), my take on that IKEA’s appetiser was TWO thumbs up! Definitely going back for that!


The same can be said for my main course: the Swedish Poached Salmon.

WP_20150611_13_25_38_Pro copy

One plate contained one big cut of poached salmon, almost drowned in chives sauce, with a blob of creamy mashed potato and those frozen vegetables (which was kind of a turn off for me, but I ate it anyway). Let me tell you this, the fish flaked beautifully! It was perfectly poached. It was neither mushy or hard. Perfect. And the mashed potato… just pure creamy goodness! The vegetables balanced everything out so I guess it was okay for those veggies to be there. Though if I could say anything, I would recommend they add sautéed fresh vegetables like broccoli with carrot and mini corn or the others. But overall, I was utterly satisfied!

Last stop was the dessert. The ever-so scrumptious chocolate tart.

I love tarts and pies more than cakes. And I’ve been searching for a good slice of pie or tart for such a long time and I finally got a good one. This chocolate tart was so scrumptious I scraped it all up till the last bits. I left the plate clean! I guess it had bits of hazelnuts in the crust that made it taste like eating Ferrero Rocher. And the chocolate part was perfectly sweetened. Not overly sweet and not under. Oh, dang! Now I want one!

Well, anyway, that was my food trip to IKEA Alam Sutera. I will come back for more in the near future. Very near. So, if you’d like to try IKEA’s food, just try them. They have great few selections, almost like those hotel foods and/or high-end restaurants (maybe I exaggerate a little, but that’s how I feel!), and quite affordable.

If you’re not in Jakarta, IKEA has many stores everywhere around the world. Jakarta is just the latest one. Very, very late. 😉

Happy eating!



Place. IKEA Alam Sutera. Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard No. 45, Alam Sutera, Serpong, Tangerang. 15320. Indonesia

Operating hours. (Restaurant) 12-21 (during Ramadhan)

Price. IDR 6K – 85K

Photography by ddneroxx


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