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Food Trip. Pancious

This time, I went to Pancious, which is a pancake restaurant that also offers Western/European-style dishes. I went to the one in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall.


That was the view from where I was sitting. An industrial-themed interior design with warm lightings and several dividers to separate the dining areas. I was sitting in the non-smoking area, where the smoking area was a little too close for my comfort, which was on the right side of the picture above. Fortunately, none of the customers were smoking while I was there so I was fine.

Although Pancious is famous for their pancake menus, I didn’t come there to eat their pancake. I wanted to eat some pasta and it was one of the places I remembered that offers seafood pasta. So, I went ahead right away.

I ordered three things: One, being the main dish, was the Creamy Marinara Salmon;

salmon marinara copy

Such a creamy dish, yet not that creamy, which was awesome for me. Imagine, the taste of marinara sauce with fresh tomato chunks combined with a little cream and topped with salmon pieces and parsley flakes… YUMM! But, since I love me some cheese, I poured a hefty amount of finely-grated parmesan cheese on top and got that cheesy, salty taste. Double YUMM!

Two, my all time favourite!, Earl Grey Milk Tea;

earl grey milk tea

This is probably the only reason I love Pancious. No kidding! For a long time, I’ve been a fan of Earl Grey tea. I love the taste (without added sugar), and I love the bergamot scent of the tea. Also, I’m a milk lover. So, Pancious just did me a GREAT favour by combining the two together. The taste was so rich, creamy and milky, yet it wasn’t too heavy because of the Earl Grey taste. The perfect combination! Pancious really did a great job by making the ice cubes from the same batch of the drink, therefore, the taste stayed perfectly intact and creamy all the way! *THUMBS UP*

WP_20150613_16_55_47_Pro copy

Here’s a closer look!

Note: it is actually meant for sharing between two people, but I managed to finish it all up by myself! ;))

And three, a side dish, Potato Wedges.

potato wedges

Nothing that special about the wedges. Tasted like regular potato wedges and it wasn’t spiced that much because they tasted a bit bland without the tartar sauce they came with. So I had to add red chilli flakes on top of those wedges then they tasted a bit better. Oh, and some parmesan cheese.

Overall, I was quite happy and satisfied with the food there. I would definitely return there for another Earl Grey Milk Tea! And probably some other menu that I haven’t tried before.

Till next post!



Place. Pancious. Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall. West Mall, Level 3A unit ED 1-01A. Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1, Jakarta 10310. Tel. (021) 2358 0936

Price Range. IDR 60K-160K per person

Photography. ddneroxx

Plus. Pescatarian-friendly


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