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Roxx Life. Amsterdam Living – First Week

It’s not fair, really, to say that I love living in Amsterdam when I’ve only been here for a week.

BUT! I do!

Since the day I first got here, I felt like home. Everything was so familiar, I couldn’t even fathom my own feeling. I was always asking myself, why does everything look so familiar here; and I got plenty of time to figure that out!

So, I haven’t been around Amsterdam that much. I’ve only been walking around my neighbourhood for the past week, but I did went to the city central the other day with the purpose of seeing the SAIL. However, I didn’t get to see much, wait, scratch that! NONE! I got to see nothing of the SAIL, except for the cold breeze of the green ocean and two trips of the ferry. Yeah.



I was so busy with my living quarter that I didn’t get the chance to see much of the SAIL, which was kinda bummer. Adding the fact that I was sick for a whole day! Dang that sore throat! Fortunately, I got better after getting much, much sleep and lots of vitamin and paracetamol.

Well, the weather here has been nice. But the occasional rain and the sudden rain stop took me by surprise and just so amazed! The other day, I was walking out of the supermarket and found that the rain was pouring down hard. I couldn’t just stand there in front of the store entrance while holding an umbrella, right? And who knows when the rain was going to be done. So, I got off with my umbrella, walked across the flooding street (ruined my shoes!), and went straight to the direction of my home. After a few-minute walk, SURPRISE!, the rain stopped and it was all sunny again! WHAT!?? That time I could only laugh. Haha! It was fun, though! 😉

One of my native schoolmates said that it is NOT a strange situation in Amsterdam. So, I expect to see more in the near future, probably tomorrow!

The next great thing is that I got a bike! Yeay! It was not a new one, or even the latest model, but it was pretty good-looking and almost the right size for the small me. I was going to photograph the bike but then I got busy with other stuff and just parked the bike in the lot of my apartment building. And I haven’t gotten around with the bike much because I have to practice using the pedal-brake bike, which was a bit scary at first. So if I don’t want to hurt myself or anybody on the street while riding the bike, I surely do have to practice soon. I’ll clear my weekend then. City sightseeing can be done next time. Again, I got plenty of time!

A little secret… I live nearby the Bos en Lommerplein neighbourhood and I love living here. Everything is just within walking distance, like the convenience store, supermarkets (yes, there are several supermarkets around the area!), clothing stores, a market, places to eat, cafes, bike shop, and many more! There’s also an interior shop nearby. Being a designer myself, it’s nice to know that since IKEA here is so far away. But, I’m not worried anymore since Bos en Lommerplein got Blokker! Nice!

If you have no idea what Blokker is, well, it is a place where home goods and decors and accessories and appliances are being sold. Good, eh?

Anyway, my eyes are starting to closing them lids now. I’m going to end my post here for today. I’m sure I’ll write something more about my move to the not-so-big city of Amsterdam, plus PHOTOS! I’ll make sure to post some nice pictures in here so you can experience the city just like I did.

Thanks for reading my blog! See you till next post!




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