Decor. Personalizing Mijn Room

Finally, I got the chance to write about my attempt on personalising my room here in Amsterdam. I didn’t have a big budget and I had to be smart in spending my money on several things regarding decors, home goods, and the other little things I need in my life. The good thing is that I didn’t have to buy any big furniture because they were already provided. So, for the other stuff, I did the smartest thing I know: I went to IKEA!

Here are some of the pictures (pardon the mess!) I took on the first day. I’ve changed the layout a little bit, obviously, because the bed was originally place right in front of the door, right next to the desk. And the small red cabinet was not there originally, I moved it there to separate the sleeping quarter with the washing quarter.

After two trips to IKEA, some muscle workouts, and some delicious baked potato with various toppings from King Kumpir, I finally got the chance to callĀ this place mine!

I changed the position of the bed so that it’s facing the wall the desk was originally located. That way, I could prop up my pillows against the wallpapered wall behind the bed, making the wall as my headboard. I put up two place mats that I got from IKEA on the wall, with BluTacks, to add texture and decor to the wall. Fortunately, I have these amazing luggages with colours that match well with the room, so I stack my biggest, yellow luggage on the bottom and the black, cabin-sized one on top and turn them into a side table. A great way to make an eyesore into a piece of decor in your room, when you don’t have enough storage space.

For the bed, I got almost everything from IKEA like the sheet, the quilt, the pillows, the quilt and pillow cover set, as well as the cushion. I chose the colour grey to balance out the orange vinyl flooring and I got lucky since I got everything in sync. I just played with the pattern to keep it from looking too boring and too grey. Turned out great, huh?

Next is the desk.

I changed the desk location and put it near by the window. There are several reasons why I put the desk there: one, I hate putting the desk against the wall because whenever I sat on the desk, all I could see is the wall, so I moved it away from the wall; two, my windows are huge! I just can sense creativity will naturally flow into my brain if I sit next to the windows, or if I’m bored, I could just look at the view outside; three, most important, I like a little anomaly in the room, that’s why I put the desk on an angle. Yeah.

I half expected that I would get bored in just a few days but I wasn’t. That’s a good thing. I love my room right now. Although it still lacks a few things, I’m quite happy as it is. I’m just glad I didn’t have that much stuff to begin with, so everything just in their right place. I would probably get some coat hanger though in the near future, but it’s enough for now.

What do you think about the change? It’s definitely not fully designed, but this is the only thing I could do with a REALLY tight budget. I hope I could do more later on. If I do, I’ll post an update on this.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing. If you want to ask me more questions about interior design or if you’re trying to redesign your room, feel free to contact me through the comment box or email me at:

So, till next post!




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