Museum Finds

Museum Finds. Van Gogh Museum

After being a lazy bum on updating the blog for some time now, I finally gathered up my willpower to write again. Being busy as a student and being super sleepy after school really are the best excuses I can give you right now. 😉

Anyway, let’s start with my most exciting finds from one of the museums I’ve visited over the past few months since I’ve been in Amsterdam, which is the Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh Museum was one of the first museums I’ve visited since landing my feet in Amsterdam. I was there during the kick-off exhibition of Munch : Van Gogh. I won’t talk about my experience on the exhibition itself, but I will talk about what I found in the museum shop there. If you live nearby Amsterdam, or if you’re planning on coming here, please try and visit the exhibition and the permanent exhibition of the museum. All I can say is that I had a great time. Especially in the shop.

I’ve always been interested in little trinkets and accessories, so going to a museum shop is like a kid going to a candy shop. Very true! So, when I went into the museum, the first thing that caught my eyes was the shop. It was perfectly located, just as soon as you entered the museum, with all the bright lights and perfectly placed displays, it felt like it was calling me there. Slight exaggeration but that how it was. Really.

I was there with a friend so we decided to visit the shop after seeing all the exhibitions. And finally, after 2.5 hours, we got ourselves into the shop with a lot enthusiasm. Despite the crowded space, I managed to browse carefully and looked at most items being sold there with interest. There were so many adorable things that I wanted to buy but I had to stick to my budget and just buy the ones that I really liked and also functional, of some sort. Haha…

It was definitely a good decision to go around the exhibition first before going to the shop because there were so many paintings that I really like from the master himself, a.k.a Vincent van Gogh. So, when I visited the shop, I knew that I had to have several images of his paintings. And you’ve probably guessed it by now, yeah, I bought quite a lot! ;P

Well, not that a lot a lot. Just a few that I really like.

Above images are my favourites, especially the lone tree. I love the colour and the composition. Truly captivating!

The shop doesn’t only sell the postcard sizes but also in poster sizes as well as in canvases (I forgot about this one, sorry!). I was tempted to get the big poster but then I realized, where to put it? So, I opted for the postcard sized images, which were also more inexpensive, around EUR 1 for the postcard size, and around EUR 2-2.50 for the slightly bigger ones.

Aside from the postcards, the shop also sells lots of things, like pens, coloured pencils, mint tins, tote bags, and other little trinkets. They also sell housewares, clocks, and jewelries. So many thing to choose! However, there was one thing that really, really caught my eyes! I was so excited when I found this item, which was not an ordinary item to be sold in a museum shop, but there it was.

That’s right! They sell potato crisps!!! Amazing!!!!

It was kind of amazing to have found this item in the shop that I decided to buy two of them. And oh boy, did I NOT regret buying those Potato Eater crisps! The taste was great, just like your favourite potato crisps but slightly better, in my opinion. It says on the package that it was organic, definitely a plus! And I would really visit the museum again just to get those crisps! True.

Anyway, I’ll post my other museum finds that are quite something of a collection now. Hahaha..

It’s only a matter of willingness to write on my part, though. But I will try and share more of my finds soon.

Till next post!



Place. Van Gogh Museum, Museumplein 6, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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