Museum Finds

Museum Finds. Rijksmuseum

These have got to be the one of my all-time favourite finds from museums around Amsterdam! Introducing, the Playmobil toys of two of the most famous paintings in the world: the Nightwatch and the Milkmaid!

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Adorable, aren’t they!?

Well, at first, before going to the Rijksmuseum itself, I didn’t even that these things exist. But then, during one of my lectures, a rep from the Rijksmuseum (who happened to be the guest lecturer that day) showed the pictures of the Playmobil version of the Nightwatch. And I happened to be awake at that time of the lecture, so I was instantly interested. 😉 So, when I got the chance to visit Rijksmuseum, I made sure I visited the museum shop just to get these two adorable sets!

As for the price, it wasn’t that expensive as I initially expected at first. I thought it would cost me like around 10 euros or more, but to my surprise, the Nightwatch set costed me around 5.99 euros, while the Milkmaid set costed me around 4.99 euros. Pretty affordable if you happen to like these things. Although they’re not really ‘necessities’, but they make great decoration for your home, or additions to your Playmobil collection.

There are, of course, other things in the shop such as T-shirts, keychains, books, postcards, posters, pens, notebooks, etc. You may check other intersting items there, but I have to warn you though, since there are so many visitors in the Rijksmuseum, you might have to squeeze yourself between the shop customers and the display cabinets. Because, when I was there, the shop was quite busy with a lot of customers at that time, making it hard for me to go and look around leisurely.

For such a big museum, Rijksmuseum sure does have a small shop. Although not that small, but it felt like that. Don’t get me wrong, though. I liked the shop but I would prefer to go into the shop when there aren’t so many people inside. Just so I can look around and find more things that I might like. Haha.. 😉

Anyway, in addition to these sets, I also bought a paper diorama based on the scene of the Nightwatch painting. Since I haven’t made it up (nowhere to display in my room!), and in the event that I forgot to take a picture of it before I made this post, I’ll make sure to post it soon in another post. Maybe I’ll do the before and after thingy so that you can see the building process that includes glue and scissors, two of my crafting friends.

So, if you’re in town, do visit the Rijksmuseum. If you just want to visit the shop, then go ahead! It’s a free entrance if you’re only going to the shop, because it is located on the opposite side of the exhibition’s entrance and right below the Rijks Cafe.

Alright then! See you in another post! Soon! ;))




Place. Rijksmuseum | Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam

Photography. ddneroxx.


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