Museum Finds

Museum Finds. Hermitage Amsterdam

The Hermitage Amsterdam has one of the most beautifully-designed exhibition galleries that I’ve ever seen. But, of course, I’m a sucker for a pretty interior.

Well, anyway, aside from its beautiful gallery, the museum shop is pretty incredible as well. Interior design wise, it was a plain room with tall glass displays on one side of the wall and other display cabinets. BUT, the items made the design! They managed to place the items they’re selling in such a way that it’ll take so, sooo much of your willpower to not go visit the shop. Because that was what happened to me. ;P

The museum shop sells various items just like some of the museum shops I’ve ever been to. They even sell items from other museums as well, like the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. However, the items they’re selling that really, really, really caught my eyes were the ones they put inside the tall glass displays: the jewelries and the potteries.

They were so beautiful and looked very unique with pretty colour combinations and accessories. Then again, where there’s design, there’s the price. I couldn’t afford it! A student like me couldn’t even think of buying those when I’m struggling to save up each day! (Such drama queen!)

So, I was a little bit sad that I couldn’t find something that I wanted to buy from the shop. But somehow, I managed to take myself to go around the shop again and that was when I found my egg!

WP_20151222_14_06_46_Pro copy

WP_20151222_14_06_23_Pro copy

WP_20151222_14_06_10_Pro copy

It’s a tin rendition of a Faberge egg, the Russian version. I think.

Anyway, it was cute and it was functional, as a storage. And it was pretty affordable too, around 5 euros. So, I decided to get the egg and left the shop feeling good and happy.

I’m pretty sure that the egg is NOT the main item of the museum though. Still, it was there with several colour choices. I picked the white one because it looked so good with the gold and the red, and the pinkish tone. And now, I use the egg for storing my bike’s key so it won’t go missing or misplaced elsewhere. Worth the price, I think. 😉

Well, if I somehow have more money, I would go back there and pick one of the items from the glass displays. Wish me luck!

Till next post!




Place. Hermitage Amsterdam | Amstel 51, Amsterdam

Photography. ddneroxx.


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