Museum Finds

Museum Finds. Allard Pierson Museum

Out of all the museums that I’ve visited since I arrived here in Amsterdam, Allard Pierson Museum became one of my favourites. It is quite a small museum but with extensive collection of archaeological finds, ranging from Egypt, Rome, Greek, and Cyprus. At least, those collections were the ones I saw during my visits there.

Anyway, if you go to the Allard Pierson Museum, the moment you step into the museum entrance, you’ll be able to spot the shop quite easily, since it is located beside the ticket counter desk, which doubles as cashier. The lady there was so nice, just saying. Because, you know, if the receptionist or the cashier was not nice, you won’t be interested in buying, right?

Off topic. Haha.

Well, although the museum has such a tiny corner shop, the items that they’re selling are quite interesting. There are some Roman figurines, Egyptian gods figurines, pens, books, notes, thimbles, even jewelries. And when I was looking around, I saw it. It was not the most eye-catching item, but it certainly had some pose and charisma. And it was the Anubis figurine.

WP_20151222_14_04_10_Pro copy

WP_20151222_14_04_21_Pro copy

Do you see it? The pose?

It was so cool that I had to pick it up and buy it. And it wasn’t that cheap either. For this little guy, I had to pay 5.99 euros. BUT, it was all in the material. Apparently it is made out of cast iron and it is quite heavy. It’s not heavy enough to be made as a paperweight though, but it still has some weight to it.

There was another figurine that I was eyeing as well. I think it was Bast, or Bastet, the Egyptian goddess. The pose of that figurine was also cool and the size was a little bigger than my Anubis. Of course it costs more than the Anubis one. I think around 8 euros or so. I would probably get Bast too if I wasn’t trying to save up that month. Oh well… We’ll see next time.

Currently, the Anubis is sitting nicely on my desk, protecting my stuff. Such an imposing pose though. Hahaha..

So, again, see you in another post! 😉




Place. Allard Pierson Museum | Oude Turfmarkt 127, 1012 GC Amsterdam

Photography. ddneroxx.


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