Museum Finds

Museum Finds. Het Scheepvaartmuseum

I love ships! Boats and such, I love them all! And also the ocean! So, when I went to the Het Scheepvaartmuseum (maritime museum) here in Amsterdam, it was like love at first sight! Not kidding!

The museum itself has so many interesting exhibitions that are worth to see if you’re a boat/ship/ocean lover like I am. I won’t particularly say what’s in the exhibitions that made me love the museum so much, because you have to discover that by yourself to understand my feelings. BUT, I can give you a sneak peek on one of the exhibits that I really, really like (here).

Aside from the ships, since this is a maritime museum, of course there are quite a lot of exhibits on the ocean life and the history of Dutch maritime. If you’re a museum goer and you happen to be in Amsterdam, I really recommend you to come to this museum (Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to promote this museum). Why? Well, it’s because I had a great experience in that museum and I’ve been wanting to go back and revisit it again in the near future. Although it’s not really convincing coming from my own perspective, but why not? 😉

Anyway, this is actually one of the few museums where I love everything about it, even the museum shop! Especially that! Hahahaha.. I wanted to buy a LOT, I repeat, A LOT! Almost all the things in that shop made me drool. Seriously! I’m being bias here because I just love ships and boats and all the oceanic-related stuff. That’s not a crime, though. 😉 My only regret was “if only I have enough money to buy them all”. Yeah.

But, I couldn’t just leave the shop without buying anything, could I? So I bought this…

WP_20151222_14_08_02_Pro copy

Isn’t it adorable??? It was practically love at second sight! I say second because there was this one ship model that I really love but my wallet said no to my first love. So, when I asked my wallet, “what about this cutie?”, it said yes!

WP_20151222_14_08_41_Pro copy

I like the details of this model, and definitely love the colour. It represents all things that I love about the sea and the ships. Well, of course it wasn’t the best of the best, but for me, it was enough to make me happy, even just by looking at it. :))

Beside this model, there was one more thing that I bought in this shop. I was in need of a coaster for my glass at home so when I saw this whale coaster, I bought it immediately. And it was on sale! So, I bought two! But, only one with the whale though.

WP_20151222_14_09_34_Pro copy

Even though I’m more of a shark person, I really like this whale coaster very much. It was too bad that they didn’t have a shark one, or any of shark items for that matter, except for the plush toy. If there was some little items that have shark on them, I probably won’t think twice about getting them. Well, pardon my wallet, of course.

So, yeah, those are all the things that I got from the Het Scheepvaartmuseum. It’s a beautiful museum so make sure you find the time to visit it while in Amsterdam. Again, it’s not sponsored or anything. I just want to share my love for the ocean and ships and boats and sea animals and all of that!

Till next post then!




Place. Het ScheepvaartmuseumKattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK Amsterdam

Opening hours. Mon to Sun 9AM to 5PM


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