Museum Finds

Museum Finds. Altes Museum, Berlin

As you can see from the pictures above, I found this amazing item during my trip to Berlin.  Of course I found it while I was browsing the museum shop! And it was the best thing ever!!!

So, the story is that I went to Berlin with the class for a 5-day excursion programme. We had a full packed schedule to visit museums around Berlin and one of them was the Altes Museum or the old museum, which is a part of the Museum Island. At first, when I visited the museum shop, I restrained myself by telling myself not to spend money on things that I won’t use. So I convinced myself just to go browsing around without any intention to buy something. It was actually going well at first since the items in the shop were mostly Roman collection inspired.

HOWEVER…it seemed that the shop wouldn’t let me go just like that without buying anything! And that’s when I found the Excavation Kit! I completely fell in love immediately! Yes, I know, I’m no kid anymore. BUT, there was something about excavation that drew me into buying it. I’m just a sucker for archaeology so that might be the reason. 😉

Anyway, I decided to buy it without thinking much since I thought I won’t find the same thing in Amsterdam (but that’s something I’ll find out later). And how I was NOT disappointed at all!

WP_20160309_19_08_02_Pro copy

That’s what it looked like when I took it out of the box. It looked like this ancient brick or stone or whatever, saying “dig it out”. Of course I already knew what was inside it because there was this litte red dot on the back of the packaging that tells you which soldier you’re going to get. Although it ruined the surprise a little bit, it definitely didn’t shy me away from my excitement of digging it out. So, without even waiting to bring it back to Amsterdam, I dug it out there in Berlin, in my hostel room, together with my roommate, Yiqun.

WP_20160309_19_11_11_Pro copy

We were so much like happy kids when we dug it out. It was fun! And I was super excited when we discovered the first trace of the buried soldier piece.

WP_20160309_19_17_16_Pro copy

I was in charge of carving it out with my wooden carver, or whatever you call that, while Yiqun was in charge of brushing the ashes off. It took a while because, even though the material was made out gypsum, clay, and polyresin – which were quite soft; but knowing myself, I was a little bit bored after a while. Well, it was of course because of the wooden carver and the brick were quite small, and our ‘digging site’ was on our bed – which wasn’t comfortable for digging! However, when we discovered almost half of the soldier, I was psyched again! Well that and I stopped digging for a while to get some water. :))

WP_20160309_22_25_52_Pro copy

Originally, I thought I was going to dig it all out and just take the soldier back home. But then, my dear Yiqun gave me the greatest idea ever: why don’t we leave it half stuck to the brick? I thought, YEAH!! It was a great idea!! So, we dug some more and carefully, and left it half stuck like the picture I show you below.

WP_20160309_22_25_44_Pro copyWP_20160309_22_25_37_Pro copy

Overall, this was my greatest finds out of all the things I’ve discovered until now. And seeing the packaging, there are three more soldiers that I would like to get my hands on. If any of you know where I can get those in Amsterdam, please kindly let me know where I can buy them. I would really like to buy the other ones. 😉

As for its state right now, this soldier is still resting nicely inside its box because the brick is still quite brittle so I’m trying to find something to harden the brick again. Any idea?

Well, that’s for today’s post. Till the next one!




Place. Altes Museum, Museum IslandAm Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin, Germany


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