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Pescetarian Life. Alpro Oat & Rice Milk

Okay. So last time, I wrote a post about the Alpro Coconut Almond Milk, right? Do you remember? If you don’t, or if you’re new to this blog, follow this link to check that post out.

Now you know!

So, the story began with the coconut almond milk. Since then, I tried two other of the Alpro variants, which are the oat milk and the rice milk. Now, I have to say that no matter how much I like the coconut almond, I would prefer to put these two variants into my weekly grocery list.

The Alpro Oat – Original

The Alpro Rice – Original

Why did I pick these two, you say?

Well, I was skeptical at first to try these two variants, but since I was more curious than I was skeptical, I bought the oat in the first week and bought the rice in the second week. They turned out soooo good! Both of them! And these two got the certification logo of the “Superior Taste Award”!


Of course, being me, I didn’t even notice the superior taste thingy when I bought these two. I was quite suprised when I tasted the oat first because it tasted soo good that I thought of looking through the packaging, just because I was so amazed. That’s how I found it! But seriously, I’m not even kidding when I said it is so good. You’ve got to taste it to understand what I’m saying right now. I am so pleased with these two that I’m willing to spend a little over 2 euros just to buy them on a weekly basis.

[A little disclaimer: I’m NOT promoting this brand nor I’m sponsored by the brand to write this post.] 

These two variants are so great for substituting dairy milk. I always pour either of the two onto my morning cruesli, which is so amazingly filling. The oat is a little bit thicker, while the rice is a lighter in term of liquid consistency. While the oat makes the cruesli tastier, because you can taste the oat in every bite; the rice enhances the cruesli taste better. It’s kind of like, you’re tasting different types of cruesli, when you only have the same one each day. So, even though I only buy one type of cruesli every time, I’m never bored because I always get different taste every week. That’s what I like about them. Seriously.

Aside from breakfast, I use either the oat or the rice for cooking as well. I substitute dairy milk for my usual comfort foods like cream pasta, potato gratin, and other dishes that use milk as one of the ingredients. And suprisingly, everything tastes great! Because sometimes, when I use whole milk or even the skim milk, I always got that undescribable (I lost my words while writing this, sorry) aftertaste lingered on my lips and inside my mouth, which I hated. So, when I replaced it with these two milk variants, there was no more aftertaste. Amazing, huh? Or at least it was pretty darn amazing for me. 😉

Also, I can drink these two just like I drink regular beverages, without having to pair it with any food. So versatile, I think.

Well, anyway, that’s my opinion on the Alpro Oat and Rice. If you decide to give it a try, please do because they are really good. I’m not a foodie but I know good foods and drinks. Therefore, I won’t even put this up in my post if I don’t like them myself. Oh! And they are vegan too, so happy trying!

Guess I’ll see you on the next post! Till then, ciao!



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