Pescatarian Life

Pescetarian Life. Changing My Diet

As of mid April 2016, I officially changed my diet. This month also marks my second year being pescetarian, which is unbelievable but it’s true anyway! 😀

Since I’m a pescetarian on a budget, I have to have creativity in planning my meals everyday. But over a few months, my diet consisted mostly of carbohydrates like pasta, bread, rice, etc. Mostly pasta. I thought it was okay for me but apparently the pasta meals were not well digested by  my ‘delicate’ digestive system. SO, I decided to change my diet again starting a week ago, of which does NOT include pasta in it!

Yeah, that’s right! No pasta! 

Although, I have to say, I won’t completely scratch pasta out of my meal plans permanently. I still enjoy eating pasta occasionally, just not on a regular basis. At least for now. Wish me luck! ;))

And aside from that, I’m completely suprised at myself that I would be able to continue my pescetarian lifestyle for 2 years now. Although it might not seem so surprising for some people but since I know myself very well, I’m allowed to say that I’m surprised. But, despite my surprise, I’m doing pretty good actually. Especially since I cut off pasta for a week. I’ve been digesting well and I feel lighter somehow. And I dare say that I have more energy than before. True, this, since usually I would get very, very tired everyday.

Anyway, I will definitely continue my lifestyle now. Well, to be honest, I cannot go back to being a carnivore now even if I wanted to. Yesterday, I happened to watch a cooking channel on YouTube where the chef was trying to cook chicken wings. When I saw the raw chicken, I almost threw up. I got so sick on my stomach, I closed my eyes until the chicken wings were gone from my view then I could close the window. This was to my complete surprise as well. I never really knew how much meat ‘disgusts’ me now, knowing that I was a carnivore for 27 years (well, now you know my age, huh!?). So, for now and the near future, I think I will stay pescetarian. And we shall see what’ll happen next.



2 thoughts on “Pescetarian Life. Changing My Diet

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