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Style. My Wardrobe Essentials Part 1

Recently, I did some spring cleaning to my closet because I only have a single-door wardrobe and I want to declutter it to a minimum. It was quite easy for me because I don’t really have a lot of clothing in my possession and I tend to wear the items that I like the most often. So, I thought it would be interesting to write about my wardrobe essentials that I MUST have for my everday fashion and style. Even though I’m not a fashionista, I somehow managed to always look my best (in my opinion, but who’s complaining?) with just a handful of clothing items.

A little intro before you start reading, I tend to wear white, black, and the colour in between, which is grey. But I tend to wear white or black most of the time. Also, I prefer wearing solid colour, without any pattern or busy print on the fabric, because those patterned clothes make me look older than my age so I stay away as much as I can, unless there are some patterns or prints that I really like. Then, and only then, I don’t mind.

Also, I always do my smart shopping because I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes and I don’t really want to. With that little money I have, I’m able to have a decent, stylish wardrobe for all season. In these posts, I’ll try to link the clothing that I would buy and wear and that I already have in my wardrobe (I’ll put in my own pictures if necessary or if I can find the one with me wearing the piece that I’m talking about). Although, I must warn you, some of the items that I have in my wardrobe might not be available anymore because I have them for years.

So, here are my wardrobe essentials, divided into four parts because it’ll be easier to read for you guys.

Let’s start with the first part, shall we?



My personal favourite!!

You can never have too much white t-shirt in your wardrobe staple. The reason is because a white t-shirt is the epitome of versatility in mix-matching your wardrobe. Also, the timelessness of a white t-shirt is definitely unparred with anything else. You can wear white t-shirt with jeans, structured trousers, shorts, skirt, even as an underlayer and sleepwear. So, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT skip on stocking up your wardrobe with several white t-shirts of your favourite! Make sure you pick the t-shirt that suits your body type the most for a more refine look. Or, you can even choose an oversized one but stick to buying the best quality ones because you’ll get more wear from them.

My favourite is Uniqlo’s supima cotton crew neck t-shirt12.90 €. I really like the crew neck one because it’s very flattering for me (that’s why I have a bunch of these), but Uniqlo also has a V-neck one and other type of t-shirt you can choose from. Another one of my favourite is Zara’s cotton t-shirt, 5.95 ; which is more affordable and of good quality, worth the money really (I have them so I know!). And if you like a more upscale one, I personally recommend Massimo Dutti’s basic short-sleeve t-shirt for 15.95 €. My favourite brand of all time, of course! ;)) It’s made out of quality material so it’ll last you for years before you have to buy more – my way of smart shopping.



Personally, I like to buy a slightly oversized shirt/blouse because it’s more comfortable for me and it doesn’t change the elegance nor the style of the blouse. I choose white shirt/blouse because, again, it’s very versatile and it has that classic and timeless traits. Choose the shirt/blouse with the simplest design and quality material. Skip the trendy items aside, a trick to smart shopping and minimalist wardrobe.

Mango is my go-to shop for blouses. They have great variety of blouses that will blow your wallet if you don’t restrain yourself (true!). Like the blouse below, necklace blouse, it costs 49.90  but it’ll last you for years. I have a few of those similar ones for years actually and they still look good. Another great one is from Uniqlo, rayon long sleeve blouse, which costs 29.90 €, and it is the softest material you’ve ever felt! I love wearing this shirt because it’s flowy, comfortable and very much fit my style. Definitely won’t be disappointed, I’m telling you! The other one is from Massimo Dutti, top with bow back, 59.95 ,

Necklace blouse | MANGO    TOP WITH BOW AT BACK



I’m always in trouble finding a good pair of jeans because of my body type. I have a small waist but wide hip, not to mention, I’m not tall. So, I have to find jeans that are cropped with wide hip and small waist. HARD TO FIND! But, I managed to find several pairs that fit me quite nicely, not perfect fit, but good enough. 

My tip for you is that you need to try EVERY pair of jeans when you go shopping. Try walking in it as well, because some of the jeans have some tendency to go down when you walk. Also, try to find a pair of jeans with dark blue colour for a timeless look. Skip the ripped jeans because you can always ripped your old jeans once you’re done with them. For me, it’s not worth the money to buy ripped jeans.

For now, my favourite and go-to jeans is from Massimo Dutti (I know, I know. But you’ll have to get used to this brand because it’s almost in every thing I have ;)). I bought the jeans a few months ago so they don’t have it in stock anymore. Another one of my favourite was from Mango. Again, I had this pair for years so they don’t have it in stock anymore. And I used to wear this pair everyday back then, even when it was ripped in the crotch section (I did some tending to this one several times so I could wear again and again). I was so sad to the fact that I had to throw them away. They were my favourite!

Well, that’s that and now, aside from the Massimo Dutti one, I have another one from H&M, which is their skinny regular ankle jeans that costed me just 9.99 Although this jeans is not of the best quality, but the fit is good for me and the price is very much affordable. But then again, you have to find your own piece of jeans that fit you perfectly. And comfort is one of the most important factors in buying jeans. Note that down!




To be honest, I used to hate leggings. I didn’t like wearing a piece of clothing that sticks tightly on my body. But now, I can’t get enough wearing them and it has become essential in my wardrobe. True story.

Leggings have so many functions: they can be used as it is, pair with shorts or skirts, and wear inside your jeans/trousers on cold days. And I always stick with black ones because I have thick legs so black makes me look slimmer, and I can pair them with a lot of clothing items. So, versatility is of the utmost importance in my clothing choice.

My favourite leggings are from Giordano, a clothing brand from Hong Kong. So, if you happen to travel to Asia (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia), you’ll probably see this store there. And believe me when I say that you should buy the leggings there while you can. You won’t regret it because the material of this leggings is so good and soft and durable. I cannot wear any harsh or even slightly coarse material, especially for clothing items that sticks to my body. So, Giordano leggings are heaven sent for me, literally. That’s why I have 4 of them in my wardrobe, just because I need them.

Another one of my favourites is from Zara, which is the leggings with elastic waistband, 19.95 . This leggings is made out of thick material with high elasticity, but always maintain its shape even after wear and wash. Very much recommended!




I like wearing cardigan and for this item, I’m okay with patterned ones (like the one I’m wearing in my first instagram photo on top). That one is from Giordano and it’s my absolute favourite cardigan. It might be hard to find similar one like that in store right now, but I tend to look for cardigan that is slightly oversized, long, and has a waterfall collar. Or, something with a flowy structure.

As an example, I found this diamond-pattern jacquard kimono in Massimo Dutti, which is 79.95 , and it fits the traits I’m always looking for in a cardigan. Or this ethnic cardigan from Bershka, which is on the more affordable price, 39.99 €, and has a flowy collar in front.


For me, wearing a cardigan like this fits my style very well. It looks effortlessly stylish and it can be casual and semi-formal at the same time. So, I think it’s alright to invest a little bit more money if you decide to buy this type of cardigan, because even though it has patterns and such, it doesn’t shy away from the elegance and modern look.

That’s the end of part 1. Let’s continue to part 2 here.


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