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Style. My Wardrobe Essentials Part 2

Let’s continue, shall we?

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As casual as I am, sometimes I need to meet people in a professional world of business et cetera. Therefore, I need a good blazer, which I prefer it in the colour black. It is essential for when I need to look a little bit more formal than I normally do. And finding a good blazer is like finding a good jeans, meaning HARD. But, I do have one black blazer that fits me very, very well, and the funny thing is that I didn’t buy it myself, my sister chose it for me. This was a few years ago, I think, maybe around 3 years… I cannot remember. But it does fit me very well and it looks really good on me.

This blazer has an asymmetrical, draped collar and quite flowy in shape, but it is structured and make your body looking well shaped. I really like this blazer because I can be smart-casual and looking professional at the same time. One of the perks of being a creative designer. 😉

My blazer is from a brand called Veeko. I think this brand is from Hong Kong and only available in certain parts of Asia like Singapore, Macau, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, of course! But again, find the right blazer for your body type. It doesn’t matter what the brand is as long as you can find the perfect one for your fit and style. Also, look for quality material, not too thick because you could look bulky and we don’t want that; and not too thin because you’ll lose that semi-formal, professional look (in my opinion). And opt for a classic style, not the trendy one, and get the one that fits a little loose. Lastly, don’t skim out on the budget to buy a good blazer. It’s better to spend more and get the best one so you can wear it for years and years to come.

If you’re looking for a good blazer, I think Zara has quite the selection and the blazers are usually made of good-quality material with a good structural shape, like this basic blazer below. Or Mango’s crepe blazer.




Next is jeggings. Like leggings, I used to hate jeggings because they cling to your legs like a glove. But now, I always wear them whenever I want to wear jeans and be comfortable. I have three pairs of jeggings, two of them are from Uniqlo and the other is from Zara.



These two above are from Uniqlo and they are amazingly comfortable! The dark blue one was actually my mom’s, it was her favourite, but she passed that on to me. I love it! Then, I bought the white one myself. Both have the same elasticity but slightly different feel in the material. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t wore the white one as much, but the dark blue one is much more comfortable for me. Maybe I should wear the white one more often. Hmm.. we’ll see.

And the next one I have is from Zara, the stretch jeggings. I got this pair just a week ago because I wanted to get a black jeans. After searching for quite a while, I found this slightly washed black jeggings. It costed me 17.90. A good price but there is a slight problem that occurs when I walk: waistband sliding down. However, I can solve that by wearing a belt, although it can be bothersome sometimes to wear a belt. :p


Anyway, jeggings deserve to be in my wardrobe essentials. No doubt about it!



I love wearing sweaters, especially cotton sweaters, since I cannot wear wool. So, sweaters are of the utmost important for me since living in Amsterdam. I can wear them by themselves or with an undershirt or a camisole, or with a blouse underneath. They can look casual, semi-formal, and they can also be used for sleeping. Yeah, you read that right. I used one of my older sweaters to sleep and it’s so comfortable. I usually pair them with jeans, jeggings, leggings, even white trousers. So many possibilities.

The ones that I have are mostly from Mango. I love Mango’s sweaters because they’re very well made and of good material. But sometimes, I have trouble getting rid of thin threads that are stuck on the fabric, which make it look a bit dirty. Still, I love them and I keep wearing them on a daily basis during winter time. Very comfortable! And recently, I got more sweaters, thinner ones, from Zara (because they were on sale!) and that make me so happy. I really like Zara sweaters too despite the thin material. They’re well made and have good structural shape to the body, making me look good. Hahaha..

I tend to choose oversized sweaters because they are more comfortable and I can double or triple the layers whenever I need to. I can always tuck in some of the excess fabric, or all of the hanging fabric, to my pants or jeans to create a more stylish or professional look. So, yeay to oversized sweaters!

Here are some sweaters that I would like to have in my closet.

63045612_07_B  5647520712_1_1_17  0367003733_6_1_1



Even before I moved to a colder country,  I was already in love with turtleneck clothing. And now, I can’t stop wearing them because they look good in any occasion. Sometimes I wear them with my faux leather jacket, sometimes with my black coat, sometimes with blazer, and sometimes with a parka. Turtlenecks are good paired with jeans, trousers, leggings, jeggings, as well as skirts and shorts. So, must have!

I also wear round sunglasses with the turtlenecks whenever I can because, why not? And I love the look.

I do have a turtleneck sweater and t-shirts but currently, I love wearing my sweater one that I got from Esprit. It has two different materials on it. For the front part till neck line is made out of cotton, while the back is made out of satin-like material, polyester or rayon perhaps, I don’t remember. It is oversized as well. I like this one because sometimes my back sweats a lot due to layering and over coat, and since the back part is of thinner material, it helps my back breath better. So, great choice for me. Although, I would like to buy more turtleneck now, and I will, in August maybe when it starts to get chilly again. 🙂



I’m not gonna lie and say that this is a must have, it’s not. But, I love having these t-shirts in my wardrobe because I like how the classic style stays classic and will make you look good any day. I also like this style because I can wear it with a lot of items such as jeans (of course), trousers, khakis, and jeggings. And for this t-shirt, I tend to buy the well fitted ones and Massimo Dutti’s ones because they always have these t-shirts in the collection, and they are so good, both material and structure wise.

I think I have several of this type of t-shirt from Massimo Dutti. And I must say, I wouldn’t mind buying more just because I like how the t-shirt looks on me. Of course, my colour of choice is white, but I also have a navy blue one, which I adore. Again, because I have the t-shirts for quite some time, they don’t have the same ones as mine anymore now. But, I will give you some of my recent favourites (which I’m contemplating on buying them later, if my wallet allows) from Massimo Dutti.

BUTTON NECK TOP  6897852800_1_1_17


That’s it for part 2. Make sure to return again tomorrow for part 3! See you there!


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