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Life. The Body Shop Rainforest Volumizing Shampoo Ravings!

[Definitely not an Ad!]

Okay. I don’t usually rave about everyday products like body wash, shampoo, skin care, or anything similar, but this time I have to make an exception.

And just like what the title says, yes, I’m going to talk about The Body Shop product!!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post or anything like that. I’m not paid and the company does not know that I’m writing this. I just would like to share. But, it’s an open relationship ;))

Moving on… SO, the thing that I want to talk about (and my current obsession!) is the Rainforest Volumizing shampoo and conditioner!! I’m not going to put my actual products here because they’re in my bathroom and I don’t want to take them out (perhaps later, if I’m not too lazy to do so).

Picture credit: The Body Shop

Anyway, I love love love these shampoo and conditioner combo so much, I pledge to myself that I will always use them and pray that The Body Shop (TBS) won’t discontinue the product. The reason as to why I love these products so much is because I had been struggling in finding the right shampoo for my super fine hair for years, to the point that I had to use baby shampoo since the ingredients are milder than regular shampoos. But of course, baby shampoo has its limit for my hair and I had to look for other ones.

First I tried Dove shampoo. But then I realised that the brand is listed in the list of companies that do animal testing. So, I stopped. Then I thought, why not try TBS products? I was a bit skeptical at first since I never tried their shampoo range before, but being animal-cruelty free was my top priority. Therefore, I started browsing and found the Rainforest range.

The first thing that I got was the Rainforest Radiance shampoo since I have coloured hair. I really liked the shampoo. It did wonder to my coloured hair, making it looked healthy and protected the colour, also smelled really nice, kind of like a bluberry-type of scent (I’m really bad at describing smell or scent, sorry!). However, the static kept coming back and my hair just looked flat and unflattering. Clearly, it wasn’t the right product for me. So, I browsed again and looked for the other shampoos. I was really intrigued with the Banana shampoo though, because it got so many good reviews and banana, of course! But, I skipped that and picked out the Rainforest Volumizing shampoo. And boy, oh boy, was that a good choice or what!?

Picture credit: The Body Shop

Unlike the Radiance one, this shampoo does wonder for my flat, super fine hair. And just like the name itself, it really does volumize my hair! I’m not even kidding! The scent is also very nice. BUT, it does make my hair quite unruly and often tangled up if I don’t brush them. So, after contemplating a while, I decided to get the conditioner.

Okay. I clearly have to explain why I didn’t get the conditioner too in the first place. The reason is because I’m simply a lazy bum. I don’t really like using so many products on a daily basis, just because it takes too long and complicated and stuff. And I knew that I would have to add one more step during shower time if I got the conditioner as well, which I dislike so much. However, in this case, I decided to get the conditioner and forced myself to endure one more step to my shower routine. And Thank the Lord! I’m in love!

The conditioner makes my hair so smooth, yet so volumized and shiny and healthy-looking, which makes me so happy that I don’t even mind the extra step anymore. I still use the conditioner every 2-3 days, just because I want it to last longer. Stingy me. But yeah, it’s definitely a great combo and I’m super in love! Although, I have to tell you, the conditioner has different scent than the shampoo and the consistency is quite thick so I had to flip the bottle, with the cap on the bottom, to get the product out easily. I don’t really mind, really. But, since I love the smell of the shampoo, I just thought it’s a shame that the conditioner doesn’t have the same scent as the shampoo. It would’ve been nice to have that mild, sweet scent and volumized, static-and-frizz free hair after shower. ;))

So yeah. That’s my ravings for these products. I just really love them so much that I’m recommending them to you people who have the same problem with fine hair. Seriously try it. I don’t know if the effect would be different for other people, but I definitely think that they’re worth trying.

Let me know if you decide to try them too or have been using them already. I would like to know what your opinions about them as well. ;))

Till next post! Ciao!



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