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Quite, Milk Addiction!

I have to admit, when it comes to milk, I’m afraid I’m a tad bit spoiled after living in Amsterdam. I could just buy milk in any supermarket and that would be just as good as the other, regardless of the brand. Thanks to the good judgement of my taste bud, I can assure you that there was a slight difference in the taste quality among the brand, but it seemed trivial to notice the difference. The milk in the Netherlands was just that good!

Oh, and I’m talking about the fresh milk. 😉

So here I am, in Jakarta, missing all that milky goodness from the cows of the Netherlands. But, alas, I’m not there. Yet again.

I guess you’re wondering why I’m talking about milk, right? Fresh milk, that is. Well, let me tell you!

I drink coffee. And I drink my coffee at home where I can just make them freshly brewed. Although I have no machinery for making ‘proper’ coffee, I’m quite pleased with my Nescafe classic (talking about Nescafe, I also have a bone to pick this coffee! But, I will rant out in my next post. This is especially for the milk!). So, to drink my coffee, I need milk. And I always prefer fresh milk. Thus began my search for that milk.

First, I thought nothing about the taste. So, I picked out the one milk I had never bought: Diamond Fresh Milk. Let’s just say I would never ever buy this milk again. And that is saying lightly! I didn’t know what was wrong with that milk, but that stuff was definitely NOT going into my coffee, ever again. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my tongue because the first sips of that coffee tasted funny. It was quite reasonable reasoning at the time because I was eating a very oily meal (aka Nasi Padang!) before drinking the coffee. However, the second time I made my caffe latte, it was the same funny taste. As well as the third. So, the problem was the milk! I ended up dunking the rest of that milk into the sink drain because I saw no point in drinking it. I certainly would not want to put that milk ever again into my cup of coffee.

IMG_20170509_211124245 copy

After that fiasco, I decided to turn back to the one choice I knew was good. Greenfield Fresh Milk. I should have bought this milk instead of the other one in the first place! The fresh milk from Greenfield is good, not the best, but it is good enough nonetheless. Although it is still incomparable with the Dutch’s, but it was good enough for my coffee. As I recall, Starbucks also uses Greenfield milk for the coffees.

Anyway, I don’t particularly care about the latter information, but this milk definitely made me a happy person. My caffe latte was quite saved! So, after I finished one litre, I immediately bought another one to replace it. However… it didn’t last long.

IMG_20170509_215804619 copy

By the time I was trying to get that second milk carton, this very nice sales lady stopped me when I was right in front of the milk section in a supermarket. She talked to me and handed me a sample cup of milk for me to try. The brand was new but I have seen it before in my cousin’s Instagram post so it was quite familiar to me. A few days prior, my friend also told me about this fresh milk that has been out for quite some time now and that it was a bit hard to get because people are loving it. They would always sold out due to the small number of products in every batch sent to the supermarket. It was the Hometown Dairy Fresh Milk.

So I tried it.

IMG_20170501_205634721 copy

Compared to the milk in Netherlands, the liquid was somewhat thinner. The taste was lighter as well, while the Dutch milk is much creamier, richer, and thicker. So, at the time, I picked out Greenfield again. The amount of milk available at the time was the reason why I picked the latter again. I thought I couldn’t possibly finish 2 litres of milk in 10 days.


Oh, and this expiry date is also one of the huge differences between milk in Jakarta and in Netherlands! Okay, let me break it down for you:

  • Greenfield Fresh Milk >> 14-30 days (What the sales lady told me)
  • Hometown Dairy Fresh Milk >> 10 days (Also, what the sales lady told me)
  • Dutch milk >> 5-7 days (This is based on my experience keeping the milk in the fridge until it got lumpy and sour)

But, since I’m drinking coffee like a fish these days, I found out that I really don’t care about the expiry date. The milk is gone in 5 days, max!

IMG_20170505_192603501 copy

Continuing… when I found out that my second Greenfield milk was almost empty, I made another trip to the supermarket. And there I found that glorious white bottle of milk with the blue and white packaging called Hometown Dairy Fresh Milk. So, I decided to give it a try and bought that one instead of Greenfield. I was so excited to try this milk and pour it over my coffee. So, when the Greenfield was finally finished, I immediately used the Hometown milk for my coffee. As it turned out, it was so much better!


Despite what I said earlier about the milk was thinner and lighter, I found that this milk is utterly perfect for my coffee. Back in Amsterdam, the milk sometimes made me leave the coffee unfinished because of its rich and creamy texture, while this Hometown milk… well! Let’s just say I made two cups of coffee now instead of one! That’s how good this combo is! Taste wise, of course, Dutch milk wins. There is no doubt about it, at least for me personally. But, if the caffe latte is at stake, I definitely choose Hometown milk instead of the Dutch’s. As I’m writing this post, I have just finished my caffe latte with a gnawing craving of another cup. I should definitely reduce my intake of coffee though. It makes me sleepy, and I guess it is why I’ve been sleeping a lot more than I should lately. ;))))

Anyway, I think you should definitely try this Hometown milk and give your own opinions about this milk yourself, see if any of my ramblings here make sense or not. You should be able to find this milk in supermarkets such as The Foodhall, Ranch Market, and Hero Supermarket (I’ve only been to these three supermarkets where I found those babies!). The size is either 1 litre or 2 litre.

Additionally, before I conclude this post, I had a little trouble opening the bottle. It was hard for me to turn it open and the ridges of the cap hurt my palm a little. So I had to use scissors to help pry open the cap. Design wise, it is simple and charming. No doubt people will recognize it instantly upon seeing the bottle. But, the brand name is somewhat a bit small. Not that it matter a lot for me who has the 20-20 vision (bragging mode on!), but as a brand enthusiast, I would definitely recommend making it a tad bigger with better quality on the printer. My bottle’s label has shadows on the texts, not really that obvious, perhaps it was deliberate, but I just thought the company could do better with the labeling.

IMG_20170505_192549030 copy

Lastly, before I really conclude this post, I have a little problem with the pricing. I know good quality milk doesn’t come cheap and I respect that. In fact, I think it is a fitting price for Hometown to sell their products at that prices (around 35-45K for the 1 litre & around 70-80K IDR for the 2 litres). However, whenever I think I’m low on grocery budget, I would probably pick Greenfield (28-30K IDR) over the latter. But again, if I have unlimited budget, I’ll buy Hometown over Greenfield.

So, try the milks. Try it on your coffee as well. Let me know what you think! ;))

Till next post!




2 thoughts on “Quite, Milk Addiction!

  1. Hi Roxxenvy! That’s awesome reviews you got there. Hometown Dairy Team would like to thank you for the input as well. Do you mind to share your email so our team can contact you further? Thanks 🙂


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