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Nescafe: Jakarta vs Amsterdam

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I would like to rant about coffee, especially the Nescafé Classic. It’s just my personal preference and opinions. But, I couldn’t help feel the difference between the Nescafé sold in Jakarta and the Nescafe sold in Amsterdam.

To begin with, Nescafé has been around my life since probably the day I was born. Officially, the product itself was out even before I was born, but please don’t ask me when. I don’t want to dig to deep into the history. But anyway, my dad drank Nescafe so I know this brand all my life. So, when I moved out to Amsterdam two years ago, I only bought the Nescafe brand for my coffee since I didn’t know anything else. Long story short, it was a good coffee with lovely freshly ground coffee smell and definitely had a kick to it.

However, when I got back to Jakarta, I longed to have a good homemade instant cup of coffee just like I always had back in Amsterdam. So, I got myself to the supermarket and bought the Nescafé classic.

IMG_20170503_022049226 copy

So, let me tell you this, I was quite disappointed with this Nescafé, the one from Jakarta. The taste was lighter and the smell was just bland. Oh, there was that coffee smell, but it was very muted. Like the smell of coffee inside layers of cloth or box. I don’t know why this advertised as ‘100% pure coffee’ when it doesn’t really have that unique coffee taste and smell. In this case, I would say that the Nescafé from Amsterdam is much, much better; even the decaffeinated one (the Nescafé Gold)!

Image result for Nescafé nl  Image result for Nescafé nl

Image source: Nescafé Original, Nescafé Gold

But anyway, despite everything, I still couldn’t be bothered with picking out other coffee for now. It still makes a decent cup of coffee, especially laced with lots and lots of milk! Hahahaha.. I love me a good caffe latte!

If you have any recommendation of a good instant coffee here in Jakarta, would you please let me know? I would definitely appreciate it!

So, til next post!



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