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Food Trip. Haagen Dazs & KOI

So, I went out earlier today with two intentions in mind: one, cut my hair and two, buy me an ice cream on a cone. I got my hair cut in less than an hour at the hair salon near-but-not-so-near my house. Then, since I was driving, I took my sister who tagged along, and cut her hair as well, to Puri Indah Mall to buy me some ice cream.

Well, the intention was on point up till the hair cut. The moment we stepped into the familiar shopping mall, all focus went loose. We kinda stopped by several shops first, window shopping, got a bit hungry and decided to find some place to eat small (because it was almost time for dinner, around 4.30PM or so). So, we went to the top floor of the mall, which was the third floor, and the moment we stepped on that floor, we encountered KOI Thé.

Readers out there who have no idea what KOI Thé is: it is a tea place originally from Singapore (if I’m not mistaken) serving various types of tea drinks based on the iconic Taiwanese bubble tea drinks. You can find more details here.
/Intermezzo Out/

Not a day before, more like a few hours before, me and my sister were talking about getting their Tea Macchiato to share if we ever encountered one of the kiosks. So we did. We got ourselves one medium cup of their Black Tea Macchiato with half the sugar level (50%) and less ice. You can enjoy the photos below, taken by my sister for the first two photos and me with the last one. 🙂

IMG_20170530_165846199 copy

Black Tea Macchiato, 50% sugar level, less ice, medium size. IDR 24K.

IMG_20170530_165911377 copy

I took this one!!
IMG_20170530_170002679 copy

When I first tried it out, on the day I arrived back at Jakarta, I thought this drink was delicious! But then I bought the Black Tea Macchiato with less sugar level (70%) and no ice because I wanted to enjoy it at home. You can taste the slight bitterness from tea but then you got that sweetness from the foam and the sugar without any interruption from the ice cubes. However, today, it was a bit disappointing because it was a bit watery, no depth, and I actually preferred it to be a bit more sweeter. My sister ended up finishing the whole thing, while I only took a few sips. But hey, it was a nice cool drink after a hair cut! A pretty nice reward, I must say. Although, it was not nearly as good as the one after the tea.

…which is my ultimate favourite ice cream combo: the Haagen Dazs’ Macadamia Nuts and Rum & Raisins combo on a fresh cone!!!!
IMG_20170530_174102135 copy

My favourite!! ❤ ❤ ❤IMG_20170530_174453571 copy

Haagen Dazs two scoops on fresh cone. IDR 65K. IMG_20170530_174459858 copy

The Rum & Raisins scoop! (Macadamia’s on the bottom)IMG_20170530_174509784 copy

Okay. I have to admit. I’m a sucker for ice cream. And Haagen Dazs is one of my ultimate favourite ice cream brands, especially for the Macadamia Nuts! Every time I go to Haagen Dazs, I will always choose them nuts. Rum & Raisins I can forgo, but the nuts… NEVER!!

So, ultimately, I was super happy with my choice and couldn’t wait to get started. However… since I was with my sister, I had to ‘lend’ my creamy goodness for her little photography session. You can check out her food Instagram here. I don’t know whether or not she’ll post her photos of the ice cream, but she posts some good food around Jakarta.

Anyway, back to the ice cream, after the photography session (I suprised myself at being so patient and didn’t growl at her for taking my ice cream for that long!), I finally got to take some quick pictures of my ice cream (hence the not-so-good photos, apology for that, but yeah, it’s ice cream, I’m sure you’ll forgive me, right!?) and started to enjoy it! And it was perfect!! The Rum & Raisins one was so good with just a hint of rum, without the bitterness, and the sweet and tart raisin bulbs as its counteract. It’s a match made in ice cream factory! Haha! And after that, not a few minutes later, I finally got to the nut part (no pun intended!). I was so grateful that the Macadamia one was on the bottom stack so the creamy goodness went all the way to the bottom of the cone. It was delicious!! I love macadamia nuts as they are, but with the ice cream… *sigh* …no words. All I can say is that: if I can only pick one ice cream to eat for the rest of my life, Haagen Dazs’ Macadamia Nuts (not the brittle one, ever!) is it!! So, I would be very happy if I have a freezer full of them nut ice cream!!

Try if you haven’t. I know it is not everyone’s favourite but if you haven’t, why not, right!?

That’s it for my overdue Food Trip edition. I’m sure that while I’m in Jakarta I’ll try to find new spots for good food places that are suitable for fellow pescatarians out there and of course, ice cream lovers out there!

Till next post!



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