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Worst Mayonnaise Yet!

Normally, I wouldn’t post bad reviews on anything. But this time, it’s an exception. I just feel like I should put it out there for all of you mayonnaise lover, especially you who live in Indonesia. 

So, mayonnaise is one of my favourite condiments ever. I can make many dishes and side dishes with mayonnaise so I always try to keep a bottle of it in my kitchen. One day, I’ve finished off my Remia mayo and asked my sister to buy me a new mayo when she was doing groceries. There was no Remia where she shopped. The only ones left were Maestro and MamaSuka. 

The Maestro brand is a local brand, while MamaSuka is a local one but licensed under a Korean brand called Miwon. Since I’ve tried Korean mayo before, I thought I’d go with the MamaSuka. Even my sister asked me twice whether I was sure with that choice or not. I should’ve listened to her. 😥

Long story short, I was about to make my favourite salad one day. I got a bunch of shredded cabbage ready to be made into coleslaw (my version of coleslaw, mind you). So, I took out this MamaSuka mayo and gracefully poured a few tablespoonful of it onto my cabbage. Unfortunately, I forgot to taste it first because I assumed it was just mayonnaise, I was sure that the taste was like most mayonnaise. Little did I know, after I added other condiments and stirred everything up, I plopped a few leaves of the cabbage into my mouth and experienced the worst taste ever! 

The best I could describe of the taste is cardboard. Can you imagine eating cardboard? Or have you tried tasting or licking a cardboard before? Well, I have so I can make the comparison! It was awful! Like, really really awful!!! I could definitely taste the raw flour in it, without the savoury taste of the eggs or any other ingredients the bottle mentioned. 

Fortunately, I managed to rescue my salad by pouring over my current favourite dressing, Kewpie’s Toasted Sesame (Wijen Sangrai). That was a total salad saver! 

Well, that’s done. But since I don’t like wasting food, I kept the mayo still in the fridge for good measure or for emergency food rescue. Sadly, it turned out that the mayo is beyond edible. 

Just now, I was going to eat my leftover broccoli. So I thought it would be nice to add some mayo onto it and make it a salad. But, to my despair, I ended up rinsing my mayo-coated broccoli because it tasted so bad I could barely eat it. And that after I added salt, pepper, and garlic powder–condiments I know would work well with mayonnaise! Therefore, I put aside my tendency to not-throw-away-food-until-it-went-bad, and ceremoniously dumped the mayo into the bin. 

Never will I ever going to buy that mayo brand again! 😤😤😤😤😤

As you can see, I am very upset about this. I don’t know if any of you had the same experience with this brand or not, but unfortunately I did and I just had to share it with all of you, mayo lovers out there. Stick to the brand you know good! That’s my advice to you all! 

Don’t mess with my love for mayo, man! 


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