Roxxenvy is my first ever lifestyle blog!

In here, I’m sharing with you my lifestyle choices from fashion, culture, food, music and many more. I’ll also share a bunch of trials and errors in my attempt on becoming an eco-friendly person in this modern world.

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia – and currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands – by modern-contemporary parents, I became an open-minded person with lots of interests in art, history, design, and other quirky things as I grow older. A designer with attitude, one might say. I live with happiness in mind. Clumsy is also my middle name. Not to mention being a hobo-slash-modern hippie in terms of style and opinions.

Check out my design portfolio here!

I care about the environment, though I’d be lying if I say I’m a 100% environmentalist. I’m a pescetarian, leaning towards vegetarian and will be one, probably years later (don’t know when, though). And I am what I am. I live by my own rules, but changes are welcome along the way!

Be sure to follow my blog if you like! Leave me a comment or comments on what I should share on my next posts, I would really appreciate it!




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